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Burnaby with New Licence Fees for Secondary and Basement Suite owners

Blog by Bill de Mooy | November 18th, 2019

The new licence fees mean people who rent out a second property will now be charged $130 a year, but those who rent out a secondary or basement suite in their primary residence will pay $570 annually. Must register by November 30.

The licence for those renting out a home they don't live in will be $130 annually, with the planned $50 application fee eliminated.

The city has also reduced the fee for a rented suite in a duplex to approximately $430 – half the 2019 water and sewer charges for one of two main units in a duplex.

The fee for owners who live in their home but rent out a secondary suite will remain. In 2020, it will be roughly $570 (a 50% utllity surcharge).

Anyone who rents out both the main unit and a secondary suite in a home, and does not live there, will be charged both the $130 fee and the 50% utility surcharge.

Non compliance means a $1,000 fine.

Vancouver charges $74 for the same thing according to Dave Hutniak of LandlordBC.

A new source of tax revenue by local governments?