Looking to BUY a home with a secondary or basement suite?

You’ve decided that a home with a suite is what you want and you’ve had yourself pre-approved by your bank, credit union or mortgage broker to confirm your maximum purchasing power. Time to start looking at homes with suites priced within your budget, however, often it is what you don’t see that can be very costly. Is the “suite” legal or not, registered or not, built to code or not? What extra taxes, fees, utilities are involved? Do you have the time or know where to search for the answers while looking at homes for sale and different neighbourhoods? You’re not alone. Buyers wanting to buy a home with a suite are better off when choosing to work with a real estate agent that is familiar with secondary suite programs to guide you. Looking at homes with such a real estate agent helps you focus on what you see while being informed about the critical issues you can’t see.  

Whether getting ready or ready to look for and buy a home with a suite, call 604-270-1000.